Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sunday Long Run

A little video at the beginning of the day.

Some pictures from the creek

Frozen falls

The swimming hole

A little video from the end of the day


  1. Come this summer we will be wishing for a cold day to run. Sounds like you had an excellent long run in not the best of conditions and you look pretty fresh towards the end.

  2. Thanks Rick. I had a pretty good day. Hopefully I am ready for Holiday Lake.

  3. Looking good, Freight Train!!


  4. Where in the world are you? I stumbled onto your blog when I searched the homepage to the Lewis McManus 5k, are you a southern West Virginian? I ran that race in 2009 too, and grew up running around the Beckley are. The problem with IDing the trail you're on is that everywhere in WV looks the same in pictures!

  5. Adam. I am in Beckley. The trail that this blog is about is Glade Creek. This day I parked at the end of the gravel road near Prince. The gravel road is about 5.5 miles, then you come to the trail that follows Glade Creek. That trail is about 5.5 miles long also. You can make a loop out of this by running through Grandview for about 22-23 mile run. Feel free to e-mail me kwheeler21@gmail.com