Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Terrapin Mountain 50K

Here is my exit interview for the race last weekend. It is kind of funny. I might have been a little loopy, no I was definitely loopy and every thing was awesome. ha ha I hope you enjoy this.


  1. woo hoo!! congrats! I LOVE this... great idea for a blog post! You were looking strong in the WOR loop! see you at promise land! JJ is first class isn't he?

  2. Thanks Jenn. Yes, he is 1st class.

  3. Way to go Kenny! You have worked hard over the last few years and deserve the win! Beating me didn't feel quite as good since you didn't get to push me in the creek since I was so far behind you. I look forward to many more attempts at these crazy races.

  4. Thanks Mark. Yes many, many more.

  5. Kenny, nice report, I like the Vlog change of pace when reading through Terrapin reports!

    Check my report on the half:

    What a great day it was!