Monday, September 19, 2011

I Had No Idea

Blogger has a new interface. I had seen this before, but never clicked on it, till tonight. It has some really cool features. It tells you how many page views you have had and where they are. I have had people from European countries looking at my blog.......I think that is cool.

I have not run in 9 days. Something happened to my left knee. It was hurting and like an idiot, I ran a trail marathon race anyway. Now I am paying for it. I have been taking NSAIDs and icing it. It is feeling much better. I will try to run again tomorrow.

If you pray, please mention me in your prayers. I know it might seem like a very small thing in this big ole world with all of it's problems, but I believe God will hear and answer prayers. I also believe that God wants me to run.........maybe not as much as I have been doing. Maybe I have made it too big of a priority in my life. I always have trouble with proper balance in my life.

Under 3 weeks till this pace I should be well rested...ha ha


  1. I'll be praying for you Kenny. I too think God wants you to run.

    Rest-up. You run 100's more with your head and heart than with your legs anyway.

  2. Thanks Adam. That means a lot to me.

  3. Kenny, I have been a bit negligent in looking at your blog. Looks like you posted these two small post a few days ago, but even though I am a bit tardy I will comment on them both. First of all the reason so many out of the country folks are looking at your blog is that they know you are for real. You are a normal guy. A normal runner. You do not inflate your abilities or successes and you discuss your faults and conerns openenly. For the most part the world does not do that. You are normal and God desires you to be just a normal guy who loves to run. Secondly, you will most definetely be in my prayers. I know the knee will continue to feel better and you will feel well enough to tackle Grindstone. Adam is certainly correct in what he said. I know your prayer warriors have responded to your request.