Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Wow. The last 3 months have been quite a ride. Once again I must apologize for not posting regularly on here. To be real honest I haven't known what to say. I keep replaying Grindstone weekend over and over in my head. I know I shouldn't keep dwelling on it, but I just keep doing it anyway.
What went wrong? A lot.
What went right? A lot more. I got to spend a beautiful weekend in the woods with the best friends that a person could have. I had the privilege to run the first half of the race with Jen (thanks Jen). I got to run 80 miles and was on the move for 29 hours. WOW, I feel totally blessed. We made memories that weekend that I will never forget and I hope that others on my crew can say the same thing.

Some of the blessing and some favorite memories from 2011

My legs were healthy for most of the year
I got to run the first three races of the Beast Series. (PR at HL and Terrapin)
I got to run dozens of long runs, some of those have very special memories. 2 of those long runs resulted in 2 very good and probably life long friends. (love ya Jen and John)
I got to volunteer at Highland Skies and met another very special friend. (congrats to Kim, she got into WS)
As a matter of fact that whole HS weekend was special. Manon, Mark and I camped in a national forest. We got to eat fresh trout cooked on an open fire (thanks Mark), then me and Mark had a very soggy run the next morning. That run wasn't really long, but it was one of my favorite runs of the year.
I got to see a friend run his first marathon (congrats KT)
I got to run some really tough 20 mile training runs in the heat.
I got to participate in another Grindstone Training weekend. This training weekend is becoming my favorite event every year. The training weekend is WAY MORE FUN than the race.

2011 was a wonderful year. I am truly blessed. Thank God I can run.


  1. 2011 was an amazing journey and I am so happy I got to share the trail with you at HL, terrapin and PL AND SOO thankful to see you and kimba at that last AS at HS40. You guys were a sight for sore eyes! I was hurting so bad and it was just so uplifting to roll into an AS and see friendly faces.
    THANK YOU for being YOU. You are a very important part of the ultra community and I'm so happy I can count you as a friend.

    merry christmas to you and your family, happy new year and most importantly HAPPY TRAILS!!! see you in 2012!!!


  2. 2011 was a wonderful year. Things do not always go as we planned, but that is way things are. Do not look back, but look forward to 2012 as new memories and relationships will be made.