Sunday, May 26, 2013

Thank God I Can Hike

I took a couple of months off from running and when I say off, I mean off. I did nothing but work. That is the only physical activity for the entire 2 months. The really sad and scary part for me, was that I really enjoyed not doing any exercise. After all the miles that I have been able to cover in the last 10 years, I just stopped. I lost ALL desire to run.
For several years I have been reading books written by thru hikers. I am very intrigued by their journeys. I have been wanting to do some section hikes, but just couldn't fit it in with running too. Last year I helped a
friend with some shuttling while he was doing a section in VA on the AT. (he did all of VA last year) He invited me to go with him sometime. When I saw him at Promise Land in April he again invited me to go. This year he is doing NC and TN. So a few weeks ago, I started researching backpacking gear. So far I have bought a really good pack and some other essentials and next weekend I am going to do my first section hike on the AT, with Dr. Wortley and Larry Watson.
I am totally stoked. I got my new pack on Friday and I already have 10 miles on it. I have been in the woods every possible minute this weekend, with and without the pack. I am loving it. Walking in the woods doesn't hurt near as much as running and I am enjoying it like a runner, when they first discover and fall in love with trails. I am falling in love again, just at a slower pace.....he he.
Will I run again? Time will tell, for now I am going to enjoy some hikes in the woods with friends. Oh yeh, nest month my wife and I are planning a 3 day 2 night trip, somewhere on the AT.
I feel really good right now and I am really glad to be out there, moving again.

Happy Trails

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