Thursday, May 27, 2010

WOW !!! Thank God I Can Run

All day today, I thought I would come home, get the grass mowed, eat supper and then go for a 6 mile run. Well I did get the grass mowed, then I had about a half hour before supper would be ready, so I decided to go up to Mom and Dads to unload a set of RV steps that I cut off of a customers camper the other day. Dad came out to help and I told him to be very careful, because these steps was very sharp and awkward to handle. Shore enough I managed to stick a piece of metal about an inch into my hand. When I am stupid enough to actually damage myself all the way to the meat, it makes me a little queasy. I sat down for a few minutes then got up and finished what I was doing. All in a days work for me. The older I get the more accident prone I seem to get.
I got home and ate, but really didn't fill very good. But I really wanted to go run, so just before dark I said I was going to quit being such a sissy and go run.
I am sooooo glad I did. I had such a good run. It was like I was being carried by an angel. It was dark, but I never turned my flashlight on. I just enjoyed the dark and thanked God for allowing me to run.

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