Sunday, May 10, 2009

Glade Creek On Sunday

Yesterday was definitely the best day to get pics on the Glade Creek. The water was probably 5-6 feet higher yesterday. I am really sorry I didn't buy the memory card when I bought the camera. Oh well, You live and learn.

It was soooo awesome yesterday. When you stopped and listened you could hear the boulders being rolled down the creek under the water. It sounds like thunder coming out of the water. I think water is one of the most greatest of Gods creation. It is so beautiful and powerful.

There were some guys kayaking on the lower part of the creek today. I had to keep hustling to get in front of them so I could get some pics.

The bottom 2 pics are of the same falls. Summer water level and Spring water level.


  1. what did mark tell you about the memory card... hmmmm... maybe you should listen to mark?

  2. Mark is wise. Mark is all knowing. I should always listen to Mark. Mark is my hero.. I wish I was smart like Mark.