Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Well I got 20 miles in on Sunday. It was very different. I got the S-Caps that I ordered, so I used those for the 1st time and also I tryed to keep my heart rate below 130. I took 110 oz. of water with me and I still ran out. The S-Caps were ok. They make your sweat taste REALLY salty. I was hopeing that maybe my body would make better use of water while taking them, so I wouldn't drink so much, but that wasn't the case. It seems like after I have been running for more than 3 hours I just can't get enough to drink and I start sweating profusely. When I get through with a 5 hour run like Sunday. I am literally dripping an incredible amount of sweat.
It was really different trying to keep my heart rate below 130. I couldn't run up any hill. I ended up walking everyone of them, but I felt better near the end and especially the next day. So maybe I have been training a little too hard. I am open to advise, if anybody has some.

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