Monday, March 16, 2009

Sunday Long Run

The weather on Sunday morning was looking pretty dreary, but it was supposed to quit raining in the afternoon.
Me, Mark, Amy and her dog Sydney met at the trail head parking lot at Bluestone State Park at 1:00. We had a couple of "joggers" that were supposed to be there, but I believe the rain scared them off.
Just as predicted the rain did stop, but the trail was VERY wet and all the creeks coming off the mountains were pretty swollen. I had run this trail once before when it was wet, so I new we were all going to have wet feet the whole way. Mark and Amy were trying to tip toe around the water to start, but soon found out how futile that was. Amy only wanted to run 10 miles. Mark wanted to get 20 and I wanted to run 16. Amy and Sydney turned around after 5 miles and headed back to the cars. Mark and I continued on to Pipestem State Park and turned around there. That makes about 16.5 miles buy the time you get back to the cars. Mark wanted to explore another trail in the park so he went there to get the rest of his miles in.
I talked to Mark after he came out of the woods. I think he ran into more than he expected. Lets just say he thought he heard a banjo playing on top of the hill. Maybe he will expand on that on his blog
I hope to have some pics to put on here soon. I made Mark my official photogapher, because he has a small camera that he usually brings on runs anyway. I only have a big clunky camera right now.
The next big adventure is Terrapin Mountain 50K March 28. I can't wait.

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  1. Dad...neat blog! You know it's funny because running sorta saved your life, it helped you get in shape and lose more weight, meet new friends, and gave you something to be passionate about. I only have one question for you...if I can get you a good referral and that doctor tells you that you need to back off of the 50 and 100 k's and miler's or you might seriously injure yourself will you scale back your runs to 20 miles or so? You say 'God willing' but what if a hurt leg is God's way of getting your attention before you really get hurt and maybe can't run at all. Just a thought....But on a light note I'm proud of ya and keep blogging I promise not to nag too much! :) Love ya!