Friday, March 13, 2009

Well I finally started a blog

I have been giving my friend Mark a hard time about him not doing updates to his blog, so I only hope that I will do a better job on mine than he does on his.
Mark is my best running buddy and my best friend. I used to see him at some of the road races. We started talking some. Then we both got interested in trail running. Over the last year or so we have explored a lot of trails and run a lot of really good miles together.

Amy is my other best running buddy. I know you are probably saying, how can he have 2 best running buddys? Well it is my blog and if I want more than 1 best buddy then I can.

I enjoy running trails alone. Just me an God out there enjoying His creation but I also really enjoy doing it with my buddies too.

We are going to run 1 of our favorite trails Sunday after church. From Bluestone State Park to Pipestem State Park. It is supposed to be Me, Mark, Amy, Kevin and Ryan. I am looking forward to it.

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  1. K-man, I hope you can keep blogging all the way through your 100 miler. You are an inspiration to all those around you. I hope we have many more trail runs together.