Monday, March 23, 2009

What A Weekend !!!!!

There is nothing like a real dose of reality to put the small things in our lives into perspective.
A couple of weeks ago my 23 year old daughter had a little skiing wreck and sprained her ankle. Everything was progressing just fine till she started getting swelling up her leg. It eventually swelled all the way to her waist. She went back to see her family doctor and he got her an appointment with an orthopedic doctor on Tuesday. She went to see him and he got her an appointment with Vascular doctor for an ultra sound on Thursday. They found blood clots in her leg and had her admitted to the hospital immediately.
I don't believe any of us expected what was to come over the next few days. Thursday night and Friday were very uneventful, but then she started having pulmonary embolisms. That is blood clots started moving into her lungs. This is extremely dangerous. Thousands of people die from these every year. We never new when the next one on the move might go to her heart or brain. There is a procedure they can do that put a filter in the main vein coming out of the legs to stop clots from migrating out of the legs, but for some reason the doctor seemed reluctant to do it. Finally I guess he figured he had to do it before Johnna died. So they did the procedure Sat. morning and thank God she has been improving ever since.
I want to thank all the people that were praying for Johnna. I know that God answers prayers. I saw it with my own eyes.
Also in the very good news department!!!!! Our 3rd grandchild, Isaiah. He was born at 23 weeks gestation was taken off the ventilator Sat. and is doing very well. Another answer to prayer.
Now to the the small things. I haven't run all week. I've been riding, stretching and doing core exercises. Please continue to pray for me and my whole family.

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